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Visual Basic 

                        Visual Basic is a high level programming language that evolved from earlier DOs version language called Basic.

  • Basic means Beginner all purpose symbolic instruction code.
  • Visual Basic is used to design user interface 
  • The programming language is done in the graphical environment which Visual Basic 6 (6.0).

What is Visual Basic ?

                          Visual Basic provide a convenient method to basic user interface.
  • Visual Basic can interface with code return in C user interface.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 :-

  • Visual basic 6 is event driver that means use need to write the code that performs the task to response to certain events.
  •  The event usually comprise by but not limited user input.
  • Some of those event are load click, double click, pressing keys, break, broke & more.
  • VB6 is a software mode up of many sub program & module . Each has its programming code & can be executed directly
  • Some of the example of the program's use can create in visual basic 6 geometric, graph, projectile etc..
  • We can also perform many further function drawing the pictures of all user function like bottom's, text box, other user interface item's
  • We can also add certain codes to handle the user interaction . we can also add. Some complex function.

Event-driver :-

  • Event-driver means, use need to write that code that perform the task to response to any event location & activity
  • Some basic or common event's are load, click, double click, draw  pressing any key & more activity.

IDE :-

                   IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment .
  • IDE is a main page of visual basics.
  • When we open & start the virtual basic software we have the designing page were we design the database or form.
  • The main componantly of IDE are menu bar, title bar, tool base or farm,

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