In this step we check the external effect if the computer has indicated light what do they indicate? Led are all the light glowing on the modem?Does the printer indicate ready? Is the hardware grinding Does the Monitor image  look banned ? You drivers other pheripheral produce sound and clips?

 After a while these  nonsense become familiar and any variations in then signals are problems

First Step in successful troubleshooting is to isolate the problem
It is important to document any sign here write down whats light are on off the position of 

After doing all type of checking (Troubleshoot) diagnostics tools are used to solving error there is a both of help for your hardware problem in the form of diagnostics software

Window it self come with diagnostics utility and other diagnostics problem are available from third party via downloading from free wire share users software achiever 

Diagnostics Program can be quite variable in helping to tag down and fixed both hardware and software problem but if your system is up and running.

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