History of Linux Operating system - Leo tutorials

                                                In the late 1960's, researches from general electric, MIT and bell lab's launched a joint project to  develop multi user, multitasking operating system for mainframe computer known as MULTICS ( Multiplexed information and computer system.
                                              MULTICS failed, but it deep inspire ken Thompson, who was researcher at bell labs, to have a go at writing a simpler operating system himself He wrote a simpler version of MULTICS on a PDP7 in assembler called his attempts UNICS ( Uniplexed information and computer system ).

                                       Ken Thompson then timed up with dennis richie the author of the first C compiler in 1972. they reload the UNICS Karnel in C and released the fifth edition of unix to universities in 1973
                                     The seventh edition released in 1978, Marked a split in UNIX  development into two main branches :

SYSV5 ( system 5 )
BSD ( berkeley software distribution )

BSD arrows from the university of california at birth clip were Ken Thompson few years. its development was continued by students at berkeley and other restore for in situation

SYSV5 was developed by at an t and other commerical companies. UNICS based on have traditional been more conservative, but waiter supported them BSD based flavours


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