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What is Topology ? types .
Topology is the way by which networks are physically connected together.A network is  a logical extension of a data communication system. In a computer network, two or more processors or computers are linked together with carries and data. Communication's device for the purpose of communicating data and sharing resources. the term topology, in the context of a communication network, refer to the way in which the end points or station of a network are linked together. determine's the data paths that may be used between any pair of stations of the network. Although the number of possible network configuration is seeming limitless.

           Importance : 
 Topology determines the complexity and therefore cost of networks cable installation. Cable installation can often be a more cost factor for an entire networks system. Topology also determines the strategy for physically expending the netoworks.
                      Star wired networks such IBM's toke ring , proNET and ARCNET are particularly well suited for multifloor in stallions. Hubs on star-wired network are frequently placed in wiring closets, with cable running from the wiring closets to all outlets in selected office spaces.
                   Although distributing bus networks are not as well suited for multi-floor installations, they are well suited to linear expansion.

Types of Network Topology's :
 The different types of network topology's are as follows :

  • BUS :
 In a bus topology all the network nodes are connected to a common transmission medium. As a result of this, only one pair of users on the network can communicate at the same time . Each network node thus has a unique address which is used when information is transmitted. When a data packet is sent out, it propagates throughout the medium and is received by all stations. To receive message, each station continuously monitors the medium and copies those messages that are addressed to itself as the data packet go by.
  • STAR : 
In a star configuration of computer network, there is a host computer which is attached to local computers though multiple communication lines. As the local computer are not linked directly to each other and can communicate only via the host computer only via the host computer which centrally controls communication between any two local computers by establishing a logically a logical path between them.
  • RING : 
This configuration is a no host or ring arrangement of communicating equals . That is there are no main or controlling computer in the network. illustrate the circular or ring arrangement of a computer network. Each ring processor has communicating for controlling other computers.
                                  Thus each node of ring network must have simple communication capability A node receives data from one of its use or not . If it is addressed to it, it utilize it. Otherwise it merely passes it on to the next node.   

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