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Types of Computer Networks

Computer Network :
  There are three types of computer network, are as follows:

       1. Local Area Network( LAN ) :
 Local area networks, generally called LANs, are privately owned networks within an single building's or campus of upto a few kilometer's in size.
  • their size,
  • their transmission technology,
  • their topology.
            LANs are restricted in size, which means that the worst case transmissions time is bounded and known in advance. Knowings this bound makes it possible to use certain kinds of design that would not otherwise be possible. Is also simplifies network management.
           LANs often use a transmission's technology consisting of a single cable to which all they machines are attached, like the telephone companies party lines once used in rural areas. Traditions LAN's run at speeds of 10 to 100 Mbps, have low delay ( ten of micro seconds ), and make very few errors. Never LANs may operate at higher speeds, up to hundreds, of megabits/second.A megabit is 1,000000 bits, not 1,048,576(220)bits.
           various topologies are possible for broadcast LANs.

  • Dynamic : Dynamic allocations methods for a common channel are either centralized or decentralized .

     2. Metropolitan Area Network ( MAN ) :
 might be either private or public.A MAN can support both data and voice, and might even be related to the local  cable televisions networks.  So it is not required that switches should simplify the design.

    3. Wide Area Network ( WAN ) : 
A wide area network or WAN's , spans a large geographical's , often an country or continent.It contains an collection's of machines intended for running user ( i.e., application ) programs.
          The switching elements are specialized computers, They are used to connect two or more transmission linesUnfortunately, there is no standard switching nodes, intermediate system and data switching exchanges, among other things. As a generic term for the switching computer, we will use the word router . In this model,host is generally connected to a LAN on which a router is present, although in some cases a host can be connected directly to a router. The collection of communication lines and routers from the subnet .

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